Getting Started

Logging in

  1. Go to the CLAS log in portal and select your department.
  2. Log in with your CWL or CLAS account.
    • UBC users login – UBC users with a CWL
    • External users login – users who do not have a CWL

Overview of User Interface

  1. Media. View media added in the course. Upload media from your computer or import media stored elsewhere (e.g. YouTube).
  2. Library. Manage the media you uploaded/imported by sharing it to a course/playlist/assignment/group.
  3. Organize. Create playlists, assignments, and groups and manage your course settings.
  4. Course, Playlists, Media. Select the course you want to view media in.
  5. Media Player. This is where the media will appear. Adjust the size, play speed, and orientation of your media.
  6. Annotation text box. Media will pause once you click in the text box. Add/attach time-specific audio/video annotations as you view the media. Set your annotations to private or keep them public.
  7. Comment map. Overview of the distribution of annotations made on the media selected. Click to expand and see a more detailed view of the distribution.
  8. General comments. Add comments that pertain to the media in general.
  9. Annotations. View a list of annotations for the selected media. Replay media at the time annotations are made or reply to annotations made by others.


  • If you need a CLAS site set up, please submit a ticket with your course details.