Using the Integration Tool

CLAS media (e.g., videos, audio, images, and PDFs) can be embedded anywhere in Canvas if:

  • You are an instructor or TA in the Canvas course
  • The media file is already uploaded to CLAS, since you cannot upload media to CLAS from Canvas using the plugin
  • The Rich Content Editor is available in the Canvas section

Embedding Media from CLAS into Canvas

  1. From any Rich Content Editor in Canvas, click the plugin icon
  2. Select Embed CLAS Media
  3. Search for CLAS media by:
    • typing search terms into the search bar
    • filtering by media type (click the checkbox next to the media type you would like to filter for)
    • sorting by creation date or alphabetical title (click the dropdown button to select between the options).
  4. Click Embed next to the selected media.
  5. Select the following options as applicable:
    • Embed with link to “Discuss or annotate on CLAS.”
    • Embed as audio only. You can either set maximum number of plays OR set a start and end time:
    • Set maximum number of plays.
    • Enter a number into the field next to Maximum number of plays allowed. Otherwise, plays are unlimited.
    •  You can set a time limit before the maximum plays allowed reset by entering the hours/minutes/seconds.
    • To set a start and/or end time, select the radio button next to Set start and end time and enter the hours/minutes/seconds in the fields next to Start at and End at.
  6. Click Embed when you are done


  • These embeds do not have persistent links. This means that student access to them will not be carried over for a Canvas course copy.
  • If you will be adding a number of embeds throughout your Canvas course, consider creating a CLAS site that could be reused from term to term.
  • For more information, contact your support unit.