Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the “Discuss or annotate in CLAS” button not appearing for embedded images and PDFs?

a. This is a known issue. Until further notice, the embed option that links to “Discuss or annotate on CLAS” is only functional for videos and audio.

2. Can students use the Canvas & CLAS LTI plugin?

a. No, currently only instructors and teaching assistants can use the Canvas & CLAS LTI plugin.

3. Do students need to login or create an account to view embedded CLAS media on Canvas?

a. No, students can interact with embedded media without logging in or creating an account in CLAS. The plugin will automatically create CLAS accounts for new users and automatically login existing users.

4. Is it possible to upload CLAS media using the LTI plugin?

a. No, currently instructors and teaching assistants must upload media in CLAS before they can be embedded in Canvas.

5. Is it possible to push grades from CLAS to the Canvas Gradebook?

a. No, Canvas Gradebook is not integrated with CLAS at this time. However, you create Canvas Assignments and embed media for students to view and annotate, then provide a grade for that annotation assignment to ensure that it appears in the Canvas Gradebook.

6. Can Canvas groups be brought over to CLAS?

a. No, the plugin only helps enrol users in your Canvas course (e.g., instructors, TAs, students) into your CLAS course. It will not bring Canvas Groups over to CLAS Groups.

7. I am the instructor of the course but when I click on the CLAS link in my Canvas course, I receive a message saying to contact my instructor to create the course, what should I do?

a. This message appears for students if a CLAS course has not been connected to Canvas yet. If you are seeing this message, your role in CLAS is a student, and will need to be changed to the instructor role before you can continue with the CLAS course creation. Please contact, and we will change your CLAS role for you.