Annotate PDF

PDF annotations are a combination of a markup drawing and a comment. You can attach text, video or audio to the comment.

PDF Annotation Interface

When viewing a PDF, toolbars will appear at the top and bottom of the document. The function of each button is outlined below.

  1. Sidebar toggle – Open a panel that shows thumbnails of each page
  2. Search – Look for keywords
  3. Navigate pages – Use the arrows to jump between pages, or enter a page number
  4. Zoom – Use the [–] or [+] buttons to zoom, or select a zoom preset

  1. Arrow – Draw an arrow annotation
  2. Dot – Draw a dot annotation
  3. Circle – Draw a circle annotation
  4. Rectangle – Draw a rectangle annotation
  5. Highlight – Highlight text
  6. Strikethrough – Cross out text
  7. Free hand drawing –  Draw any design
  1. Pan – Hover cursor over a drawing to jump to
    the comment, or drag the PDF page to navigate
  2. Trash – Click on a drawing to delete it
  3. Move – Click to move or resize a drawing
  4. Toggle text – Hide (or show) text attached to drawings
  5. Toggle drawings & text – Hide (or show) all annotations
  6. Fullscreen – Expand the PDF to fill the screen
  7. Undo – Discard your most recent change
  8. Redo – Bring back your most recent change

Add an Annotation

Click on one of the buttons 5 to 11 (see descriptions above). Then select an area on the PDF to add a drawing. A new comment box will pop up after a selection has been made. Decide on the type of annotation you want to add:

  1. Text annotation
  2. Audio annotation
  3. Video annotation

Reply to an Annotation

To reply to an annotation, click on the Reply located beside each annotation. A text box will appear for you to reply with text, audio, or video.