Video Upload & Recording Settings

Browser and Internet Connection

For the best experience, use Google Chrome as it minimizes the possibility of encountering errors when both viewing and uploading content.

  • Uploading on campus: connect to the UBC Secure wi-fi network
  • Uploading from home: connect to your internet network with and ethernet cable if possible

Recommended Formats

  • MP4 is recommended for videos.
  • MP3 is recommended for audio files

Video Size

CLAS allows for up to 2GB per upload or recording (roughly 1.5h video at 480p). A video of that size would require an extended uploading time, so we recommend sectioning the video into 2 or 3 videos of 20-45 minutes each to reduce upload time.

Video Resolution

Below are the video file resolution recommendations according to the internet connection speed you are on when uploading to CLAS.

If you are recording from a mobile device, ensure that these settings are applied to your device’s camera in advance, otherwise you may need to adjust the resolution in a video editor if the file is too big.

  • Uploading from abroad or poor internet connection: 480p HD at 30 fps
  • Uploading from a strong internet connection, such as UBC Campus Wi-Fi or ethernet connection: 720p HD+ at 30 fps

In production, adequate lighting and camera focus are far more important than the capture resolution in yielding good visuals. A slightly lower resolution video with sufficient lighting will produce a good quality video that requires less uploading time.

Common Issues

  • It is possible for the sleep function on your uploading device to interrupt the uploading process, so remember to turn it off beforehand. A fast internet connection is very important for a smooth upload.
  • Occasionally after accessing an embedded version of CLAS in a Canvas page , upon returning the web version of CLAS the left-hand side menu will disappear. After clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page, the menu should re-appear.
  • PDF files that have any special symbols in their names, including ampersands, are not able to be shared to other playlists/groups/etc. It is best refrain from the use of special symbols in general when naming files in CLAS. The solution to this error is by renaming the file and re-uploading it to CLAS.