Import Users from SIS

Only students can be imported using this method. Teachers and TA’s must be added to the course manually by following the instructions here.

  1. Click Manage from the left had menu.
  2. Click Import Student List from SIS.
  3. Select the course you want to import users into.
  4. Choose an import option.
    • From the SIS: Imports all the students who have registered for the course(s) into the CLAS course.
    • Manual List: Imports a list of users provided in the text box.

  1. Enter required information.

If this is a SIS course, select From the SIS to import all the students who have registered for the course(s) into the CLAS course. You will need to include the course information in the following format: [course code][course#]_[course section]_[academic term]. For example: MUSC313_001_2019W

You can import enrollments from multiple SIS sections into the same CLAS site by typing in the course codes separated by commas in the text box provided (e.g. MUSC313_001_2019W,MUSC313_002_2019W)

*The enrollment list will be synced nightly by default. If you do not want this to happen, you can switch the setting off.

  1. Click Import to start the import.
  2. You will be redirected to another window. If it is an SIS course, check to ensure the enrollment list matches the number of students indicated in the UBC Course Schedule.
  3. Click on Go Ahead and Execute the Updates.


  • Student lists for CLAS sites that are linked to the SIS course(s) are automatically updated twice a day.
  • Once CLAS is linked with SIS, CLAS admins can still manually add users individually, this will not break the nightly sync.
  • If the manual list import option is used, the “automatic nightly enrollment sync” setting will be turned OFF by default.